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Hong Kong STP Media Event
8th December 2016 - Thanks to the Hong Kong STP for organizing this media event. Merry Christmas!
Hong Kong Eco Expo
26 October 2016 - Come check us out at the Hong Kong Eco Expo!
Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair
26th April 2016 - We're at the Hong Kong Gifts and Premium fair!
Come check us out at booth C43 in Hall 1D!
    About Us

    Our Mission

    AiryPack's mission is to promote a new form of packaging manufacturing that is both environmentally sustainable and cost efficient to the users of our manufacturing process.

    Our Passion

    Our passion is to make good use of our environmentally sustainable packaging technology to not only reduce CO2 emissions but to lower costs as well. We aim to pave the way to a better environment for our children.


    In today's eco-conscious society, the conventional packaging box has become socially irresponsible, unsustainable, and causes excessive wastage.

    Airypack's patented 'Green' paper packaging solution is a cost effective, social responsible and sustainable technology, which helps to reduce waste.

    Advantages over conventional stiff paper products

    • Contains less material
    • Uses little or no glue
    • Much lighter
    • Requires less energy to transport
    • More eco-friendly
    • Simple & easy pockets
    • Possible to ship flat
    • Reusable core
    Conventional Packaging
    Stiff cardboard
    100% surface glue
    Complex procedures
    Time consuming
    High wastage
    Shipped as-is
    Difficult to dispose
    Difficult to recycle
    Airypack's Packaging
    Hollow material
    Minimal glue usage
    Simple design
    Minimal glue procedure
    Low wastage
    Can be shipped flat
    Easy to dispose
    Easy to recycle
    Labels and Awards

    • Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence
      Certificate of Merit 2013
    • HK Green Label Environmental Paper Packaging
      Certificate 2015
    • Seoul Print Award
      Award 2015

    Good environmental policy is good economic policy.
    — Bernie Sanders
    Imagine a world that is lighter by half.
    — Airypack
    We're running the most dangerous experiment in history right now, which is to see how much carbon dioxide the atmosphere can handle before there is an environmental catastrophe.
    — Elon Musk


    hardcover books and notebooks
    Hardcover books
    gift and packaging boxes
    Packaging Boxes
    photo and certificate frames
    desk calendar
    Desk calendar
    box and calendar gift set
    Promo sets
    notebook and photo frame gift set
    Gift set

    Clients Showcase

    DAPY wine box
    Hong Kong Jockey Club mooncake box
    Kee Wah Bakery 老大街 (Old Hong Kong) box for Ocean Park Hong Kong
    Kee Wah Bakery 老大街 (Old Hong Kong) box for Ocean Park Hong Kong
    Kee Wah Bakery box
    Notes & Dabbles Whiskey Journey Limited Edition box
    Notes & Dabbles Whiskey Journey Limited Edition box
    Bank of China (BOC) Macau box and calendar set
    Bank of China (BOX) Macau wall calendar
    Hong Kong Jockey Club desk calendar
    Peter Brock Commemorative Card Set
    Our Services

    • Comprehensive solution
      From the design stage, to manufacturing, and finally to the delivery of the product
    • Licensing
      Allow clients to apply our technology to their packages
    • Consultancy
      Assist clients’ manufacturers in troubleshooting the production of AiryPack packages to promote a smooth transition
    Contact Us

    • Tel
      (852) 2776 6994
    • Email
    • Fax
      (852) 2408 0205